"beautiful skin requires commitment not a miracle"

Heather Dorigo

Skin Matrix Ltd was formed in 2010 by Heather Dorigo. After initially gaining a Beauty background, marriage and 3 children were the focus for the next 20 or so years before deciding to start her own business.

However, an unfortunate illness shaped the type of business as the auto-immune illness left Heather with various allergies and susceptibilities when it came to food….and skincare. It was while trying to find a skincare range that was clinic grade, effective yet contained no nasties that she came across a lab in France called Phasilab. So impressed with the products she decided to form Skin Matrix and become the sole UK Distributor for Phasilab’s ‘Instant’ Cosmeceutical Skin Care range.

Through the success of the Instant range and a growing clinic customer base, Skin Matrix has introduced further high quality, non-invasive anti-ageing skin care brands from France and Australia that cannot be found on the High Street. The portfolio of distributed brands now include Aspect Dr, Instant, Bio Logica, Phase, and Dr Jules Nabet. Skin Matrix has now formed a sister company CRYOHD, adding certified medical grade Cryotherapy devices to its portfolio. We are the sole UK distributor for Metrum Cryoflex, leaders in the field of Cryotherapy devices in both the Aesthetic and Physiotherapy industries. We have now added the World’s FIRST air cooled LiN (liquid nitrogen) Cryopod™ to our portfolio, a brilliant UK engineered whole body device that leads the way in both performance and safety.

The company is based in Cheshire but supplies throughout the UK, aiming to supply niche clinic grade products and devices that are innovative, cutting edge and most importantly – very effective!

Our goal is to support our clinics and make you successful, anything further we can do please do not hesitate to ask.

Heather Dorigo