The Virtues of Vitamin C

Often touted as something of a dietary saviour, Vitamin C has long had a reputation for outstanding health benefits. For that reason, our team at Skin Matrix is keen to reveal the dermatological blessings of the oil soluble cousin of Ascorbic Acid. Known as tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate (it’s a mouthful, we know), we’re extolling the virtues of this effective Vitamin C treatment.

Protective Power

We regularly hear of skincare products that supposedly have the ability to protect skin from the ravages of day to day exposure. In this particular case, however, there’s scientific evidence to back up those claims. Being an antioxidant, Vitamin C boasts a range of exceptional bonuses for the health and appearance of a patient’s skin. By preventing oxidation, Vitamin C preserves collagen and prevents DNA damage otherwise caused by free radicals. The medical benefits aren’t over just yet: research also indicates that Vitamin C may play a role in lessening sunburn, this in turn reducing the chances of developing skin cancer. That’s some seriously protective skincare.

A Steadying Influence

There’s just one problem with antioxidants: when repeatedly exposed to either light or air, they’re susceptible to breaking down and not completing the job. Even here, though, tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate defies expectations. Being oil-based unlike traditional ascorbic acid, the vitamin is more likely to penetrate the skin and resolve the matter at hand more swiftly without breaking down. In doing so, skin tone is evened whilst conditions such as rosacea and flushing can be treated. This enhanced stability has the added benefit of winding back the years. When using Aspect Dr’s C Serum, for example, hydration is significantly increased meaning skin becomes lighter, smoother and firmer.

A Sensitive Side

Suited to all skin types, your clients won’t stop singing the praises of Aspect Dr’s C Serum. Thanks to its oil solubility, the irritation of ascorbic acid treatments can be a thing of the past no matter how sensitive a patient’s skin may be. To stock your clinic with our vitamin-rich products, look online today. Alternatively, you can contact our friendly Cheshire-based sales team today on 0845 505 9800.