Getting to the Liquorice Root

We know liquorice has a tendency to divide people. Whilst it’s unquestionably the Marmite of the confectionary world, we’re encouraging your clinic not to write off liquorice root extract just yet. Here at Skin Matrix, we’re unveiling how the Instant Skincare Range makes the most of this natural ingredient’s skin soothing skills.

Calming Influence 

Extracted from the liquorice plant’s root, also known as Glycyrrhiza glabra (meaning sweet root), this syrupy liquid has established quite the calming reputation amongst dermatologists. As an anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant, the carefully balanced concentrations of the ingredient within the Instant Range treat a whole spectrum of client skin disorders, from rosacea and dermatitis to eczema and psoriasis.

Proven Anti-Oxidant 

Whilst the effects of liquorice root extract are calming, we can assure you that it packs a pretty punch when it comes to fighting free radicals. By inhibiting the harmful oxidation process, this potent anti-oxidant minimises the effect of damaging free radicals. In this way, cell dysfunction within a patient’s skin tissue is limited or averted, allowing for the preservation of skin-strengthening proteins such as collagen. Hence, this humble root extract even plays a role in treating ageing and hyperpigmentation. Multi-talented, we know.

Whatever your patient’s complaints, get their skin calmed and restored with the help of this naturally-derived ingredient. Simply browse our Instant Skincare Range online today. Alternatively, feel free to call our Cheshire-based team directly on 0845 505 9800 to order.