Eclipse Dark Circles with Biophytex

It’s all too easy to assume that dark circles under the eyes betray one thing and one thing only: a self-inflicted string of late nights. And yet, there can be a whole variety of factors at play, from a client’s genetics to more general lifestyle trends. Thankfully, one botanical complex has hit the dermatology scene, boosting microcirculations to transform overall skin appearance. Read on to learn about Biophytex.

Bio What now?

A little-known ingredient, Biophytex is a synergistic blend of yeast extract with five plant derivatives, including Butcher’s broom leaf, hydrocotyle (otherwise known as pennywort), marigold flower, horse chestnut and ammonium glycyrrhizate from liquorice root. Being naturally derived, this complex works wonders even on sensitive skin.

What’s the Issue?

If you have clients complaining of dark circles, blotches or spider veins, then they undoubtedly suffer from weak capillaries leading to a phenomenon known as blood stasis. This is where small amounts of blood and haemoglobin leak into the surrounding tissue, causing a dark hue in areas where the skin is particularly thin (such as the under eye area) and dilated capillaries causing spider veins. Fortunately, this is where Biophytex can make all the difference.

What Does it Do? 

Biophytex strengthens blood vessels and decreases the permeability of capillaries to stimulate peripheral blood flow. In this way, capillary resistance is enhanced, restoring and encouraging microcirculation in the affected area. Clinical studies have found that when using 3% Biophytex for a total of just 4 weeks, red blotches, spider veins and dark circles are significantly diminished. Found in Aspect Dr’s Eyelift, you too can refresh client skin with the fortifying qualities of Biophytex. Look online today or contact us directly on 0845 505 9800 to order.