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Calm Lotion

  • £22.92 ex VAT RRP £27.50
  • 100ml


This exceptional body cream has a non-oily texture which soothes the skin without feeling greasy, and is designed to calm irritated skin all over the body.


  • The soothing cream formula relieves and calms skin providing an effective solution for heated, reddened, irritated or aggressed skins


  • Alternative to calming steroidal creams where thinning of the skin is not the required result


  • The product is beneficial for treating day-to-day skin conditions such as highly sensitive skin, sunburn, prickly head, skin rashes and any itchy skin states


  • Instant Calm Lotion is highly effective in combination with aesthetic treatments that can leave the skin uncomfortable and inflamed: Microdermabrasion, Laser / IPL, Hair Removal (Laser or Waxing), Fillers, Peels, Micro Needling, Electronic Epilation. Ask practitioner advice on how quickly you can begin benefiting from this product following aesthetic treatment


  • Acts effectively and instantaneously in reducing oxidative stress and protecting the hyaluronic acid capital that is vital for skin miniaturisation and suppleness


  • Instant Calm Lotion prolongs the effects of the Instant Calm spray plus provides skin moisturising, suppleness and restructuring


Apply morning and evening to full body or effected areas, alone or in combination with Instant Calm spray.


Apply straight after aesthetic procedures or medical conditions that leave the skin in discomfort, but do not apply to open wounds or weeping sores.


Can be used daily or periodically to maintain and restore comfort to skin.



  • Post Treatment



Liquorice Extract


Organic Silicium


Hylauronic acid



Minimum of 3