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Calm Spray

  • £24.17 ex VAT RRP £29.00
  • 75ml


This ‘industry first’ natural anti-inflammatory spray provides a new and effective approach to restoring comfort to heated, reddened, irritated or aggressed skins, and allows you to treat the area without physical touch





  • Post-aesthetic procedures (laser, peeling, dermal fillers, hair removal)


  • Irritated or aggressed skins (cold, UV exposure)


  • Sensitive, reactive skins (Rosacea, high colour, Dermatitis)


  • Inflamed and uncomfortable skins


  • Beneficial for treating day-to-day skin conditions such as highly sensitive skin,sunburn, skin rashes and any itchy skin states


  • Calms on heated, reddened, irritated or aggressed skins


  • Highly effective in combination with aesthetic treatments that can leave the skin uncomfortable and inflamed: Microdermabrasion, Laser / IPL, Hair Removal (Laser or Waxing), Fillers, Peels, Micro Needling, Electronic Epilation. Apply immediately after treatment, but not on open or weeping wounds


Apply morning and evening alone or in combination with Instant Calm cream.


Apply after aesthetic procedures by spraying on the area to be treated, but do not apply to open wounds or weeping sores.


Repeat the applications often as necessary to relieve irritation.



Can be used daily or periodically to maintain or restore calmness to the skin.

  • Sensitive
  • Rosacea
  • Post Treatment



Licorice Extract


Minimum of 3