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Demake P

  • £15.83 ex VAT RRP £19.00
  • 250ml



Micellar water for effortless makeup removal and deep, gentle cleansing with antibacterial and oil regulating agents







  • Soothing deep and gentle make – up remover for perfect cleansing


  • Deeply detoxifies, removes dead cells and waterproof makeup (not to be used over eyes)


  • Great alternative to wipes


  • No rinsing necessary


  • The Micellar water formula is simple, fast, gentle and thorough providing a beautiful experience and deep cleansing action


  • Effortlessly and perfectly detoxify and remove daily impurities (pollutions, tobacco and sebum excess)


  • The moisturising and soothing cleansing lotion also respects the hydro-lipid balance of the stratum corneum (skin surface)


  • Key to the oily skin formula is regulation of the seborrhoea thus limiting bacterial proliferation and helping to reduce acne type skin disorders


  • The deep cleansing capability ensures full optimisation of topical skincare applications that may follow


  • Removes daily renewed micro dead cells


  • Moisturises and soothes skin with antioxidant action


  • Improves muddy or grey complexions


  • Alcohol free – (Botox safe)


Morning and evening, using a cotton pad soaked in Dmake, cleanse face thoroughly in circular movements

Repeat action until no impurity or makeup remains on cotton pad

Rinsing is not necessary, dry gently


Suitable for face only (not eyes – for eye makeup removal please use Demake S)


  • Oily
  • Acne / Congestion







Zinc Gluconate


Copper Sulphate


Minimum of 3