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Lactobotanical Peel™ 30%

  • 50ml



Aspect Dr Lactobotanical 30% Peel


Epidermal Peel – A synergystic blend of unbuffered L-Lactic Acid and Canadian Willowherb


Aspect Dr is all about Change Without Trauma, and this peel delivers just that. ┬áIt is a no-downtime peel, and is designed as a course of 6 – 12 peels at bi-weekly intervals.





  • Epidermal Hyperpigmentation & Sun Damage


  • Mild Acne and congestion


  • Dull, lifeless skin


  • Dehydration (Not an impaired barrier)


  • Excellent for improving texture of thickened epidermal buildup



Safe for Fitzpatrick I-III


REQUIRED use of Complete Pigment serum for 2-4 weeks prior to treating a Fitzpatrick IV-VI

Full training is provided by a Skin Matrix Educator, and documentation will be provided for step-by-step peeling technique, indications and contraindications.


Please contact us for more details.

Unbuffered L-Lactic Acid


Canadian Willowherb