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Slimming Act Clinic Size

  • 500ml


This one of a kind product is designed to remove fatty deposits and cellulite on legs, buttocks, hips, stomach, arms, chin and under the eye. It does this in 2 different ways.


  1. The organic silica and caffeine increase the osmotic pressure of fat cells which lead to the burst of their membrane.
  2. The phosphatidylcholine stabilises and dissolves the dead fat cells and the ruscus drains the fat wastes by stimulating the micro circulation. With the breakdown of the fat cell membrane and detox effect, cellulite appearance is improved and noticeably smoother.





  • Improves the appearance of skin especially the orange peel effect.


  • Slimming Act is the first non-injectable skin care product with lipolysis effects on the market


  • Paraben and fragrance free


  • Creates natural lipolysis when applied locally to areas effected by cellulite


Apply morning and night directly to areas to be treated, by massaging until complete penetration


6 week course of treatments is recommended

  • Ageing


Organic Silica


Pure caffeine






Magnesium and Zinc micro dilutes as tonic Solution